The Epicurean Collection and its green credentials

The Epicurean Collection is a group of award-winning boutique inns, set in idyllic countryside and traditional village locations with five premium pubs in London, of which all have the constant desire to improve sustainability and are constantly taking initiatives to become greener operations.

Across the group, there is a core ethos of celebrating the British countryside, with a focus on the provenance of the ingredients used in all their dishes. Whilst recognising that we live in a global community, they ensure that their menus feature the best seasonal ingredients that have been responsibly sourced from as nearby to each of their sites as possible. From foraging wild herbs and seaweed from the local area; to using fresh fish and shellfish caught on the South Coast and taking game from local estates, the dishes are all prepared on site, making their food as fresh as can be.

One of their newer acquisitions, The Jack Russell Inn in Faccombe, Hampshire, goes further in their green efforts. The Epicurean Collection of inns includes the Jack Russell Inn

Their menus focus on local produce such as fresh game and vegetables, all sourced on the Faccombe Estate that surrounds the inn. Their water comes from a bore hole on the estate, their electricity from a wind turbine and their warmth from a wood pellet burning biomass boiler that not only provides heat to the pub and lodge, but also to the surrounding community. These wood pellets are a by-product of the waste from Faccombe Forestry who try to use 100% of each tree, and replant there in place of each one felled.

An additional ‘green’ step the Epicurean Collection have taken is to team with Tesla electric cars. At sites including The Anchor Inn and Bourne Valley Inn, (Hampshire); the Crab & Boar (Berkshire); The Museum Inn (Dorset); and The White Horse (West Sussex), two Tesla and one universal destination charging points have been installed, meaning all electrical car owners can benefit.

Other Epicurean inns are easily accessible by train from London, and a short walk the other end, so not even a taxi is required. These include The Archangel (Somerset), The Dundas Arms (Berkshire), and the Mayflower (Hampshire), meaning visiting some of Britain’s most beautiful locations has never been easier, or more sustainable.

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