New research reveals the top outdoor locations and activities across the UK 

New research has revealed the top outdoor locations and activities across the UK, many of which are home to some great green and eco-activities.

The research from adventure specialists Geronigo analysed over 1 million activity bookings at nearly 2000 UK locations and cross referenced this with population data to discover which towns and cities had the highest ratio of adventure loving people within them. 

Woking came at the top, being named as the adrenaline capital of the UK, with the highest concentration of people who love to get involved in activities and get outdoors. The data showed that 1 in 5.2 residents have taken part in an extreme activity at some point, so with a total population of 105,367 that equates to 20,232 adrenaline junkies living in Woking. 

This was closely followed by the towns Watford, Crawley, Maidstone and Basildon. The data reveals there are two main areas where the top adventure hubs are located, one being the Greater London area, and the other being the Northwest of England, where there are large amounts of space for outdoor activities. 

The outdoor activity of paintball was by far the UK’s most popular, featuring as the top activity of choice for 19 of the top 20 towns. After this, karting and quad biking are the most popular activity for Brits. The majority of paintballs today are made of eco-friendly materials, meaning that this outdoor activity is one the greenest adrenaline sports available, and allows people to get outdoors and experience the environment. 

Bernie Janes, CEO of Geronigo said, “It gives me great joy to see that as many as 1 in 5 people are taking part in adrenaline-fuelled activities in certain locations across the UK. Today there is a perception that people are living a digital life online, but clearly a large chunk of the population are keen to get out and about and share exciting experiences with friends and family.”


New research reveals the top outdoor locations and activities across the UK