Sunday Escapes - the most sociable way for singles to get fit

London Fitness Tour's Sunday Escapes are a fun new way for professionals in London to switch off,  get fit, relax, meet new people and immerse themselves in some of London's coolest music while discovering interesting cultural hotspots all over the capital.  

The Sunday Escapes concept  is not like anything available elsewhere in London.  The fun buzzy, workout sessions are perfect for Londoners who would rather exercise outdoor rather than in secluded gyms and want to discover some of London's hidden gems.  Participants become part of a growing community of cultural fitness explorers where they can also make plenty of new friends..

Big city living can be lonely, and Sundays can be especially challenging for busy professionals who can find themselves at a loose end on the quietest day of the week.  The reality is that working out at the gym can be a solitary experience, with most people exercising with their headphones on, not talking to anyone.  The idea behind London Fitness Tour is to get people out of the gym and give them a rich cultural experience combined with a great workout.

Each week the group explores a different part of London, whether it's a city farm in Docklands, a Thai Temple in Wimbledon, the Afro-Caribbean community in Brixton or taking in the sights of central London, the London Fitness Tour team is passionate about finding the best of London to show the growing number of people taking part in the Sunday Escapes sessions.

Elisabetta Faggiana and Savio Los, who set up the London Fitness Tour realised that merging their outdoor fitness classes with a specific group for dynamic and fun professionals was a great way for like-minded people to meet and get fit at the same time.Sunday Escapes - the most sociable way for singles to get fit

"Every Sunday we meet for a couple of hours of exercise and discovery, finding out about a different part of London with sessions that combine a balance of exercise, socialising and nature", says Savio, a fitness trainer, outdoor exercise lover, photographer and culture junkie.  "Discovering new parts of London and sharing them is one of my biggest passions and then finding the music associated with that area, whether songs or artists is so exciting and adds another dimension to the session. We know from the feedback we get that our tours are bringing something completely new to the London fitness scene".

The sessions are carefully curated tours designed for participants to get to know London while doing a full body workout.  Merging culture, history, music, cardio and power walking the groups work for people of all different fitness levels. They are great fun and reviews are fantastic.

And for the ones who are looking for an alternative during the week the London Fitness Tour also organizes 45 minutes lunch escapes and 90 minutes sunset tours around London's most popular business districts, such as Holborn, Shoreditch and Canary Wharf, to allow employees and professionals to add a bit of fun, fitness and socialising to an ordinary day in the office.

One participant Sara Balzan of her experience: "I went for the first time on a Sunday tour in Wimbledon and it was an amazing experience. I thought I knew the area very well since I have been living in London for ten years, but I discovered plenty of hidden treasures while walking, exercising and listening to music. That Sunday was special also because I got to know lots of new people, who have become good friends. I then joined the South Bank and Isle of Dogs fitness tours and loved them too. I highly recommend these tours as a unique experience! I'm already looking forward to joining the next one!"