Nicholson's Hosts Fourth Annual Gin Festival

Nicholson’s Pubs across the UK will be putting a beer-related spin on their fourth annual gin festival by sharing gin creations from some of the UK’s leading breweries.

Running until 8 September at famous city centre watering holes around the UK, the Nicholson’s Gin Festival will give beer drinkers the opportunity to try something a little different and sample special gin creations from breweries they know and love. Expect to see the likes of Brewdog, Purity and Adnam’s showcasing their unique and distinctive gins over the course of the festival.Drinks at Nicholson's Fourth Annual Gin Festival

Of course, for gin enthusiasts there will also be a whole host of gins from distilleries worldwide including Gin Sul, which has only recently launched in the UK, and homegrown British drinks-maker Chapel Down.

Ross Timms, marketing manager at Nicholson’s Pubs, said: “The Nicholson’s Gin Festival is about celebrating all things gin and giving our guests the opportunity to sample some of the best and most elusive gins around. 

“We’re incredibly excited to be partnering with some of the best brands in gin, including fantastic distilleries and breweries from across the globe.  

“These special gins will be available for the duration of the Gin Festival, making it the perfect chance to explore the world of gin.

“But, of course, if we can’t sway you there’s need to worry as we’ll have our usual cask ales, craft beers and ciders on tap throughout August!”