Knights clash at Arundel Castle for season finale

Arundel Castle in West Sussex will host the final event of its open season, Norman Knights at the Castle, on Wednesday 30 and Thursday 31 October.

The event, set in the year 1102, will bring history to life as Robert de Belleme trains his troops to fight King Henry I. Weapons training in the Duke Henry Courtyard will showcase the importance of teamwork in Norman warfare, with shield walls and group fighting tactics.

Arrows will fly through the air as a team of archers go up against a garrison of knights, demonstrating the dominance of the bow and arrow in 12th Century battles.

Visitors will also be able to meet Norman knights in armour and watch them battle it out using a variety of historically accurate weapons, including spears, maces, swords and shields.

In addition to knights and archers, visitors will also be introduced to characters from the 12th Century from the lowliest workers to the Earl and Arundel knights outside the Arundel castleCountess of Arundel and find out what life was really like for them.

Castle Manager, Stephen Manion, commented: “Our season finale offers a great opportunity for the whole family to learn a little history whilst being thoroughly entertained by the professionals from the Raven Tor Living History Group.

“The Castle grounds also look glorious in autumn with stunning colours across our 40 acres – you won’t want to miss it!”

Norman Knights at the Castle is included in standard admission prices to Arundel Castle and will run from 10am-3.30pm on Wednesday 30 and Thursday 31 October. Tickets are available at the gate. 

The Castle and gardens are open to visitors until 03 November 2019, reopening on 01 April 2020.

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